Friday, 4 October 2013

cut out fashion fabric

I had 2 pieces of this fabric - one 3.25 metres that was intended for the jacket and a short skirt and one 2.5 meter piece intended for pants. 

I held the two folded pieces in my hands and thought I choose the heavier (3.25M).

I gave the fabric a light steam with the iron on the wool setting and decided which was the "right side" and lay out the fabric on my tabel draping the excess over the ironing board.

I pinned out the sections to be cut out using the silk organza pieces and the actual pattern for the pieces to be interfaced with hair canvas.  I worked in layers completely filling one length of fabic with pattern pieces then folding it and working on the next length until all the pieces required were pinned on the fabric. 

It was dissappointing that even pinning on the single layer and leaving very few substaintial scraps that I has used the entire lenght of fabric - until i measured it and found I had cut the whole jacket out of the 2.5M length, which left 3.25 which should make pants and a short skirt.

Unfortunatly I did not take any photos of the cutting out process being a bit too involved in working out the most efficient way to place the pieces.

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